Bot best practice

Bot best practice

What works well for you building bots?  Do you like to keep them simple, do you plan it all out or let the ideas develop as you build?  Below are our thoughts, let us know what you think.

Understanding what you want to achieve.  Before building any bot, it is good to know what the goal of the bot is.  This can be very simple, such as moving inbounds to the correct queue, or more complex such as taking the correct payment in a compliant and efficient way that is aligned with your brand tone.

Plan the happy path but also build out the routes to take when the conversation doesn't go as planned.  Minimise frustration and always think, would I like to have this conversation myself?

Test it all.  Even though you think it is done, make sure you test every path through your bot to check it works as you expected it to and that the journey delivers on your requirements for the process and experience. 

Let us know your top tips.