Adding payment gateways to your Organisation

Adding payment gateways to your Organisation

Webio now provides Spreedly integration, allowing you to use your bots to accept payments over 120 different payment gateways.  The sensitive card data is tokenised and stored by Spreedly, never touching the Webio platform, allowing you peace of mind and enabling your customers the ease of paying within their channel. 

Quick Trick: To add a payment gateway, go to Organisation, Add Gateway, select your preferred Gateway, enter the details and click Create.

To add a payment gateway to your account login to Webio.  You will require access to the Organisation area to enable the payment gateway.  If you don't have access to Organisation please contact your administrator.

Step 1

Click into the Organisation you wish to add the Payment Gateway to.  Scroll down to Gateways.  Click Add Gateways.
View of the Organisation tab, scrolled to Integrations section
Step 2

Select the Gateway you wish to add from the drop down, if the one you want isn't there let us know and we'll add it to the "to-add" list.  Enter in the requested information from your Gateway.  Click Create Gateway.  
Cybersource setup screen

You can now configure Payment steps within your bots to accept conversational payments.

If you want to activate Spreedly on your Webio account, first contact and request the integration to be enabled.  Once that's complete you are able to add in your own payment gateways with ease.  We are adding new gateways all the time, however if the one you want isn't listed, let us know and we will add it in (typically a 3 week lead time).

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