Automatic Rate Per Minute (RPM)

Automatic Rate Per Minute (RPM)

Quick Trick: Switch on Auto RPM for your campaign.  Your campaign rate will then be set automatically at a rate that will spread your send across the available time window.

You can now use our Automatic Rate Per Minute to calculate the rate your messages should be sent at so they are distributed evenly between the set start and end time of your schedule.  To ensure the messages all go we set the automatic rate c. 10% faster.  

This can be switched on as you create a new campaign or edit an existing campaign

When creating a new campaign

Click Campaigns and then Create Campaign

When editing a campaign

In the List view of your Campaign screen, click the pencil to edit the campaign you want to apply Automatic RPM to.  

You will now be on the Campaign Settings screen.  At the bottom of the page is the Auto RPM toggle.  Toggle to orange to apply Auto RPM to your campaign.

Automate RPM toggle cycling between orange and grey

From your next file upload the schedule will automatically calculate the rate per minute based on the time available between the set start and end time and the number of messages in your group.  If a file is uploaded after the start time then the rate will be calculated between the current time and the end time.

If you upload a file later than the start time, the calculation will still run from the set start time.  In this case you may need to review the rate to ensure it is fast enough.

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