Creating a Bot copy

Creating a Bot copy

Quick Trick: Click into Bots, click copy icon, click save new copy
Step 1

Click into Bots (if you don't have access to bots speak to your system Admin), then find the Bot you wish to copy.

Step 2

Click the copy icon next to the bot.  This looks like 2 pieces of paper, just to the left of the edit pen.  You will then get a pop up.  At this point you can either rename your copy or just click SAVE NEW COPY.

Save new copy message

Step 3

Your Bot is now copied.  

Can't find your copy?  It'll be at the end of your bots.
On The New Web App:

Select the ‘Bots’ section on the left-hand side, then selecting the grid icon at the top-right.

Find your Bot, click on ‘Action’ and then ‘Duplicate’ to create a copy.

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