Data Sharing - Third Parties

Data Sharing - Third Parties

Webio takes our data protection responsibilities very seriously.  We protect your data by ensuring it is secure and we manage your data in compliance with GDPR.  When necessary we do share data with carefully selected third parties, but before we do we ensure that they meet our security and privacy requirements.  Below is a list of third parties that we may share your data with and the reason that we would.

Area: Operational Services

Third Parties: Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Description: This is the infrastructure that Webio conversational middleware sits on, allowing your conversations to flow.
Data Shared: All data from within your Webio Organisation.
Purpose: Hosting Webio's Conversational Middleware 

Area: Data processors

Third parties: Sinch, Facebook, Google Dialogflow, Stripe, Viber, Typeform, WhatsApp, Smooch, Spreedly, Open Market
Description: As Middleware we allow you to connect to third parties to provide an enriched conversation flow.  Dependent on the business process and the integrations you have configured, data may be shared with the third parties above.  In those instances where you have integrated your own accounts within these third parties to your Webio organisation, we advise you to check with your own legal and compliance departments prior to sharing personal data.
Data shared: Conversational data
Purpose: Enabling you to have conversations with your customers.

Below are some links you may find useful
  • AWS
  • Sinch (CLX)
  • Dialogflow Enterprise Edition

            Dialogflow Enterprise Edition is the paid enterprise tier of Dialogflow provided under the Google Cloud Platform Terms of Service.             The free tier of Dialogflow (Dialogflow Standard Edition) is not offered via the Google Cloud Platform Terms of Service and is provided             under the Dialogflow Standard Edition Terms of Service.

  • Facebook    (Messenger/WhatsApp)
  • Stripe
  • Viber
  • Typeform
  1. Smooch

The customer data you run through your Webio Organisation is not shared with the third parties below.

Area: Sales/Business Development

Third parties: Zoho One, Typeform, Skype, Slack, GoToMeeting, Webex
Description: These are tools our sales team use to manage our relationships with our clients
Data Shared: Client business data 
Purpose: Sales and Customer relationship management

Area: Customer Success

Third Parties: Zoho One, G Suite, Skype, Slack, GoToMeeting, Webex, Microsoft 365 (Teams), Pendo, Vidyard
Description: These are tools we use to help us help you, when you need our support.
Data Shared: Business contact information and potentially client related personal data
Purpose: Customer support, Customer relationship management and Onboarding

Area: Marketing

Third Parties: Zoho One, Typeform, Hootsuite, Google Analytics
Description: Our Marketing team use the tools below to keep clients informed of what's new in the world of Webio.
Data Shared: Business contact information
Purpose: To target marketing campaigns at relevant audiences

Area: Productivity tools

Third Parties: G Suite, Zoho One, Skype, Slack, Microsoft 365
Description: To ensure we are optimised in delivering results for you, we sometimes use productivity tools to enhance communication and share data internally.
Data Shared: Potentially client related personal data
Purpose: To manage daily operations and collaboration with necessary stakeholders

Area: Accounting

Third Parties: Xero
Description: Making sure we pay and get paid.
Data Disclosed: Financial data related to subscriptions, invoices and billing details
Purpose: Managing our accounting needs and meeting our legal requirements

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