Howto Setup SFTP to Webio

Howto Setup SFTP to Webio

SFTP is a secure method of transferring data.  Connecting via SFTP allows you to access API services as detailed in our Swagger document, or retrieve reports.  If you want to connect to Webio using SFTP then you can configure an SFTP connection for your Webio organisation.  Before starting you will need the SSH key and your IP Address(es) you will be connecting from.  

Quick Tricks - Click into Organisations, Click CREATE SFTP, enter your public SSH RSA key and IP Address, click Create SFTP.  

Step 1

Log into the Webio platform and click on Organisations, click into the organisation you want to add the SFTP connection for, scroll down the page until you see SFTP Settings.  


If you cannot see Organisations in the left hand list then you do not have access to it.  Contact your system administrator to request. 

Step 2

Click UPDATE SFTP, this will open a new screen where you can enter the SSH key and the IP Address.  Then click CREATE SFTP. 

Not sure about your SSH Key?

When an SSH key is generated you will get a public and a private key.  There are tools widely available for generating SSH keys, if you aren't sure how to generate one, best to ask your technical support staff, it will look something like this:



Comment: "rsa-key-20211129"









If the process is successful, you will be able to see your username on the Organisation screen under SFTP Settings.


You should now be able to login using your username and the private key you generated.  You can now use an SFTP client to transfer and retrieve data from your Webio organisation via SFTP.


Once updated you will be able to transfer data to the SFTP for us to retrieve and log in and retrieve data from the SFTP.


Our SFTP address is and for Sandbox it's

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