Integrating a Dialogflow agent

Integrating a Dialogflow agent

Dialogflow agents use natural language understanding to return intents.  When used as part of your Webio Conversational Middleware solution they allow your bots to manage conversations with natural fluency, allowing a conversational tone that will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your bots.  

Step 1

Login to your Webio account and click into Organisations and then into the Organisation you want to integrate the Dialogflow agent with.

Step 2

Once you have clicked into your Organisation, scroll down to Integrations.  You can replace or delete integrations here, but to add a new one, click ADD INTEGRATION.

Step 3

Select Dialogflow from the drop down list and enter a description for this agent.  This description will be shown within the bot selection field.  You will need to enter the Client Access Code and the Developer Access Code from your Dialogflow agent.  If you need help on finding these check out the Obtaining Access Codes document  Once you have entered these click Create Integration.  You can now use your Dialogflow agent within your Webio bots.

Did you know you can also integrate other providers into your Webio Conversational Middleware platform?  Speak to us today to find out more.

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