Knowledge Base Ingestion and FAQ step

Knowledge Base Ingestion and FAQ step


KB Ingestion And FAQ Step are currently released to selected clients, get in touch with us at if you want to get involved 

Using Webio's Knowledge Base Ingestion and Webio's FAQ step, you can simplify the process of creating FAQ Bots, and provide your customers with the essential information they need.

Your bot can easily handle the most common customers' queries while freeing human agents to focus where is needed most. 


The Knowledge Base Ingestion allows you to build your  knowledge base module directly in the Web App.

You can map each of your FAQ to one of our WebioFlow pre-trained Intents.
Please note that, currently, only one single answer can me mapped to a single intent. Mapping more than one answers to the same intent will results in one of the answers not getting displayed.  

Once your module is saved, it can be selected and used into an FAQ Bot Step while building or editing a Bot.

When the customer makes a question that is recognized by one of the intents, the FAQ Step will display the answer you have mapped for that specific intent/question, then move onto the next step.


If no intent is matched instead, the Bot will move to the step you have configured for the FAQ failure fallback. 

How to build a KB Module 

To build a Knowledge Base module: 
  1. Log to Webio, navigate to Settings> Knowledge Base, click ADD NEW then ADD TEXT.                           
  2. Choose your module's name then click ADD.
  3. Add your answer, then select the Intent that should be identifying questions that would trigger your answer then click ADD.

The FAQ step will display the answer you mapped for that intent when the intent is recognized. Check here typical intents that Webio Flow engine can recognize 
  1. Repeat the process to add additional answer as needed.
Remember: Only one answer can me mapped to a single intent. Mapping more than one answers to the same intent will results in one of the answers not getting displayed. 
  1. Once your module is ready hit SAVE MODULE. 

Your KB module it is ready to be used with an FAQ step. Check further below how to build a FAQ step.

To find the Knowledge base module you just created, navigate back to Setting>Knowledge base then click on DATABASE.

Type in the search bar the name of the module. Now, if you need, you can edit or delete the module. 

How to use a Knowledge Base Module with a FAQ Step

Once your Knowledge Base module has been created.
  1. Navigate to Bots

Click CREATE BOT (Top-right corner) or select an existing one.
Check how to Configure your Bot if you haven't already done. 
  1. Click on the Action block and drag and drop an FAQ step on the building flow. 
  2. Compose your message
  3. Select the KB module
  4. Save

Now you have to design the paths for the Knowledge Base Default and Failure fallbacks.

The Bot will display the FAQ message to the customer (Step 2), then wait for their reply.
If the answer of the customer is matched to any of the intents you have mapped in the Knowledge Base module, the Bot will first, display the answer associated to that intent, then will move to the default handling and into the next step. (Step 4 In the example above)

If no intent is matched, the Bot will move onto the step you have configured for the FAQ failure fallback. (Step 3 in the example above) 

Keep configuring your Bot's steps as required. When you are happy do not forget to save your steps and your Bot.

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