How to create a Quick Campaign

How to create a Quick Campaign


The Quick Campaign feature allows you to send a simple SMS to your contacts, without the need to create a bot first. This is very useful when you're in a hurry and don't need your contact to interact with an automated conversation. 

How to create a quick campaign

To create a Quick Campaign, you'll first need a Campaign File.

You need to include your contacts' phone numbers in a column called Phone (Field Name). You can organize custom values uploaded against the contact into additional columns. When composing your quick campaign message, simply include the Field Name between two # # to retrieve the custom value stored against a specific contact. (e.g. #Name#)

When your campaign file is ready, go to the Campaigns screen and select Quick Campaign.
You'll land on the Quick Campaign setup window.

There are a few things you'll need to fill out and define here:
  1. Outgoing Message: This is the message that will be sent to the recipients. You can insert Custom Values into your message by inserting the name of the field name between two #s. (e.g. #Name#) These will then be replaced with the contact details indicated in the file that you upload later. Keep in mind that the field names used in the message must exactly match the ones you have on your file.
  1. Campaign Name: Here, you can give your campaign a unique name.

  2. Sent From: This is the SMS channel ID you'll be sending the message from. 

  3. Send Time: Finally, you can choose if you'd like to send the message to your recipients right away (Send At Once) or within a time period of your choice (Send Between). If you select Send Between, you'll then be able to define the exact time period within which your message will be sent. 
From here, the last step is to drop in the file containing the phone numbers of the desired recipients. 

You're now ready to press Create

Your Quick Campaign will appear on your the campaign screen. From here you can check its schedule and progress.

From the Conversations screen, you can use the advanced search filters to retrieve your conversations.

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