Sending a message

Sending a message

Quick Tip: Click into the conversation you want to reply to, type your message and click Send or hit enter.

You are able to reply to a conversation by clicking into the conversation screen.  You can scroll through the queues you have access to and view any conversations that are unassigned or assigned to you. 

If you are viewing conversations from a child org, you will be able to see all conversations.

To reply to a conversation:

Step 1
Click into the Conversations screen.  Conversations that are highlighted in bold with a solid orange box, mean that the last reply was from the customer.  Those that have a hollow box were last replied to by a Webio user (this can be either be a human or a bot).

Step 2
Click into the message send box and type the reply you wish to send.  Then click SEND or press Enter.

Step 3
Your message has now been sent and will appear in the conversation history.  Your username is stamped against the message along with the time and delivery status.  Once you have sent a message the conversation will move to the bottom of the queue.

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