Webio Conversations - Sending Attachments And PDF Links

Webio Conversations - Sending Attachments And PDF Links

Conversations often require documents to be sent to customers to ensure they receive the required information.  From your conversation screen you can now add attachments to be sent with your messages across WhatsApp.  

Quick Trick: Click the paper clip, select with File and browse to the document, or select URL and paste the URL, click ADD, type your message and hit send.

1) From within your conversation click the orange paperclip in the top right corner.

2) If you want to send a hosted document, click the drop down Attach From and choose URL.  If you want to upload a local file then select File. 

3a) Paste in the URL of your hosted PDF, click ADD.


3b) If you selected File then browse to the file and upload it. 

4) You will now see the attachment name next to the paper clip.  Type your message in the free type box and click send.

5) Your message will be sent with the attachment.

Attachments will be held for 30 days.
Need to delete the attachment before you send?  Simply click the orange bin icon next to the attachment name.

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