Setting A Conversation Status

Setting A Conversation Status

Set a status either from within the conversation pane, by clicking on the 3 dots in the left hand view, clicking set status then selecting the status you want or alternatively have a bot set the status as required through using a Set Status step type in your bot flow.

To set a status from within the Conversation

1) Click on the conversation you want to set the status for.

2) Click the 3 vertical dots next to the conversation.  Then click Set Status.

3) Select the required status from the list of available statuses.

4) The Status will now display against the conversation and within the conversation history.

To set a status with a bot

1) Click into your bot

2) Select NEXT to go to the steps.

3) Click CREATE STEP.  Set the Step Type from the default Information to Set Status.  Choose what you want to set the status to and how you want to route from this step.  Click CREATE STEP and then UPDATE YOUR BOT.

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