Setting up your channel ids

Setting up your channel ids

Before creating a bot you need to set up the channelid that the bot will be sent from.  

This will be dictated by the channel you want to create your bot for.  

For messenger this will be your page name, for SMS you can choose either a longcode (think mobile number) or a brand name.  
Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4 (SMS)

Step 4 (Messenger) Login to Facebook

You must be an admin of your facebook page to add to Webio

Step 5 (Messenger)

Select the page you want to add to Webio and click Create Channel.

Log into now to add your channelid
* For SMS channelid is limited to 11 characters.
* If you require additional longcodes contact
* Messenger channelids require you to link your facebook account with the Webio platform, you can then choose from the pages you have available.

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