Unassigning Conversations

Unassigning Conversations

Quick Trick: Click into conversation, press 3 dots to preview and select Unassign Conversation.

When a conversation has been assigned to a user, other users within the same organisation can't see the conversation.  This prevents duplication of work.  There may be times when a user wants to unassign a conversation and allow other users to view/respond to the conversation.  Users from the parent organisation that have access to the Conversation screen are also able to unassign users from conversations.  The unassign function gives users the ability to manage the ad-hoc events that the automatic distribution doesn't; an example would be if an additional user logs in after a large amount of conversations have already been assigned to an advisor and you want to redistribute some, but not all of the conversations.

Step 1
From within the Conversation screen, select the conversation you want to unassign.

Step 2
Click on the vertical ellipses next to the date and status and you will see the expanded menu options.


Step 3
Click Unassign conversation.  Your conversation is now unassigned and will be visible to other users.

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