Editing and adding User Roles

Editing and adding User Roles

Quick Tricks: To edit the User Roles click into Organizations, click into the specific named organization, scroll down to User Roles and then either Edit an existing role or Add User Role.  

User Roles determine which parts of the platform users can access.  Although you will have some basic roles with your first Admin account, these can be customised to meet your requirements.  If a user has access to that area they will be able to use all the functionality within it. User Roles are set within the Organizations area and are controlled at each Organization level.

Step 1

Click into Organizations

Step 2

Click into the specific Organization you are amending the User Roles in.

Step 3

Scroll down the page until you see User Roles

Step 4

Click either Edit Role or Add User Role.  Add or update the User Role name as required then click Update Role.

Step 5 

Check the boxes that correspond to the areas you want the Users with this Role to have access to.  Click Next, then click Done.

Organisations: able to update organisation settings and create new organisations.
Campaigns: able to create, edit, upload data, suspend and resume campaigns.
Conversations scripts: able to create, edit and delete bots.
Conversations: able to view conversations, send messages and bots, manage conversations and download transcripts.
Queue Manager: able to create, edit and delete queues. 
Users: able to create, delete, edit details, change organisation and role profile, set passwords and suspend/unsuspend users.
Reports: able to run reports and export data. 

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