Smart Phrases Settings

Smart Phrases Settings


When the conversation is not being handled by a bot, you can type in the conversation widget keywords to recall specific Smart Phrase you can then easily adapt and quickly incorporate in the conversation you are having with the customer.
You can configure Smart Phrases to be used in the Conversations Screen from the Organization Screen.

How to configure Smart Phrases

To configure a new smart phrases, select the pertinent organization then navigate to the Smart Phrases panel.

Type in the 'Add Smart' Phrases' field your first phrase then click 'Add'. This can be part of a message or an entire one. Remember these can be edited within the conversation screen prior to send.  Repeat until all your phrases are entered.

You new Smart Phrases will be added to the pertinent list. Use the 'Edit' and 'Remove' button to apply changes.

Before using Smart Phrases, in the Organizations features section, make sure that the Smart Phrases feature is toggled to Active.

You can now use the Smart Phrases feature in the Conversations screen. Check the following article from STEP 4 onwards Smart Phrases (

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