Webio Support

Webio Support

Webio Support is available Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm

We have lots of articles available to assist you, go to https://knowledge.webio.com/portal/home

Here you can search articles, post in the community or log a ticket with support.

You can also contact us:

Phone us 02033559718

When you contact us, it will speed things up if you let us know:

Your username and organisation
The name of any relevant bots, campaigns or reports
A description of what is happening
When things started happening and if it is still occurring
Whether it is impacting just one user or all
The impact it is having on you and your business

Webio has 3 classifications for support incidents, this helps everyone to know quickly how an incident Is being treated and what attention is being given to it.

P1 - The system is down and users are unable to initiate or continue conversations.  Webio will dedicate a resource 24/7 (both inside and outside of core hours) until resolved. Priority always High
P2 -  Client specific issues.  Webio and client will dedicate resource within core support hours until resolved. Priority High or Medium
P3 - Client specific issues that have minimal impact on conversations.  Webio and client will work on within standard business hours. Priority Low
If you want further details on your agreed Service Level Agreement response and resolution times please contact us.

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