Creating Simple Bots

Creating Simple Bots


The simplest bot you can create is a one step information bot.  This will send a message to the recipient.
The documentation below describes how to build a Bot on our Old UI. If you are looking for our new Web App documentation please follow this link.

One Step Information Bot

The simplest bot you can create is a one step information bot.  This will send a message to the recipient.

Click into Bots

If you can't see Bots speak to your administrator about your access level

Fill in the detail and click NEXT


Type your message into the box, set the next step to NONE and then scroll down and click CREATE STEP.

Click CREATE YOUR BOT and you are ready to send.

Check here how to set up a Campaign and send the Bot you just created. Talk to your administrator if you do not have access to the campaign screen.
Want your bot to do more? Create complex bots with different step types and logic paths. Visit our Webio Champion Academy:
  1. Webio Bots & Campaign (Old UI)
  2. [Beta] New Web App Bots Screen - Webio Learn (New UI)

Editing Bots

Every time you create a new  Bot, it will appear on the Bots screen list. 

Click on the pencil Icon to edit your bot. From here you can change the bot general configuration.

Click Next once your changes are done. You will access now the Bot Conversational Step list. 

Select the step you want to edit, make the necessary changes then click 'Update Step'.
Change other steps if needed and make sure to click on 'Update Your Bot'. 

Update any Campaigns using this Bot.

Deleting Bots

To Delete a Bot, from the Bots screen, click on the edit icon and select Delete Bot.

Can't see Bots?  Speak to your administrator about getting access to Bots, if you are an admin email

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