Logical Decision Steps

Logical Decision Steps

Quick Tricks - when in your bot, create a Logical Branch step, set your conditions and then route as normal.

Logical decision steps allow you to configure a route through a bot based on the time of day, the day of the week, the number of agents logged in or the payment type.  This enhances your bots ability to manage business flows.

Step 1

Select the bot that you want to add a Logical step to and click next to view the steps.

Step 2

Click Create step and set the step type to Logical Branch.

Step 3
You now need to decide which conditions you want the bot to branch on.  Click Add Condition.

Step 4

Next set up the parameters of the condition.

Step 5

Finally select the value.

Step 6 

Now you have set your condition you need to configure the route the bot should take if the condition is matched.  Once selected, click ADD CONDITION.

Step 7

Add extra conditions as required.  Enter the default next step for the current step if none of the conditions are matched.  Click Update Step, then Update Your Bot.

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