From the Insights hub you can access your insights for every aspect of Webio.
Monitor your campaigns, messages, agent activity and more through insightful widgets.
Full data export tables are also available.

Types of Widgets

When accessing the Webio's Insights hub, you will see the landing dashboard. From here you can check today's activity but you cannot filter the date range.


The landing dashboard includes two types of widgets:


  1. Chart widgets



  1. Text widgets


Icons functionalities

Every widget has:

An info icon on the upper right-hand side, either hover over or click to see the widget description.



A three dots on the upper right-hand side, click to either download as image (widget screenshot) or as CSV file to get the data behind the graph.



Some widgets have an icon that shows two squares and an arrow on the upper left-hand side, those widgets can take you to another dashboard.



For tables, indicators, and text graphs just click on the widget to jump to another dashboard.

For bar charts, line charts, column charts, and pie charts, first select the widget with left click then right click and select the option "jump to [name of dashboard]"

Other Dashboard


When you jump to a different dashboard, you ‘carry’ the filters of the widget you used to jump to the dashboard. To access more filters, click the round arrow on the upper right-hand side of the screen.



You can save your preferred filters, by clicking the three dots on the upper right-hand side of the screen, and then selecting ‘Set as My Default Filters’.

If the dashboard creator makes changes, you are going to lose your set filters and you will need to re-set them.

How to use Pulse

Pulse is a centralized built-in notification system that allows you to stay on top of your most important KPIs across multiple dashboards. 

To create your notification alert, you will have to click the three dots on the upper right-hand side of the widget, and then click ‘Add to Pulse’.

A new window will pop up, where you can give your pulse a name of your selection, set the value to be: 

  • Smaller than
  • Greater than
  • Equal or smaller than
  • Equal or greater than
  • Equal to
  • Not equal to
  • Between


Then click 'Advanced'.


Select the 'Notification Options' tab in the upper right-hand side and type a message to receive when the conditions are met. Select 'Add' and you are set!

Widgets Descriptions

Engagement Rate

Find out how many customers have engaged with your conversations, with our new visual for your SMS and Digital activity.

Schedule Progress

This widget shows your overall Campaigns' schedules progress per day. 
The blue line shows the total number of contacts imported so far.
The orange line shows the number of contacts that have already been sent a text.

Logged Agents

This widget shows the number of Webio Users logged in at the moment.
The 444 shows the total number of registered users.
It also links to the Agent's Activity Dashboard

Failed Messages

This pie chart shows the number of messages that have failed today, and the reason they failed.
It also links to the Failed Communications Dashboard

Unanswered Conversations

This widget shows the number of the conversations that have received an inbound and an agent needs to handle the conversation. If the conversation is assigned to an agent, it will show the volume per agent.

Open Conversations per Q

This widget shows the number of open conversations per queue.

Closed Conversations

This widget shows the number of conversations that have been closed so far today.
It also links to the 'Closed Conversations' Dashboard

Outbound Messages

This widget shows the number of messages that have been sent by a bot versus by an agent.
It also links to the Schedules Dashboard

Open Conversations per Status

This pie chart shows the split between the open conversations and their latest assigned status.

Unanswered Conversations (status)

This widget shows the number of conversations that have received an inbound and an agent need to handle them, split by their latest status.

Status Updates

This widget shows how many times a status has been used today.

Long Outbounds

The top row shows the number of messages sent today that had only one segment/unit.
The bottom row shows the number of messages sent today that had 6 or more segments/units.
It also links to the Messages Dashboard

Schedule Status

This widget shows the same information as the Schedule Progress, but this time instead of the total number of contacts, we can see the number of contacts imported per schedule, and how many of those have already been sent.


This text widget serves as a link to the data export dashboard.

Failed Messages

This text widget serves as a link to the failed communications data export dashboard. In here you can find out why a message has failed. Click it then navigate to Analytics and check the Error column.

Errors Types:

Invalid NumberThe number doesn't exist, the handset doesn't support SMS, the number is inactive or expired
UnavailableThe handset isn't connecting to the network, it may be turned off or out of range.  Can also be caused by other issues e.g. length, invalid request protocol etc.
Network ErrorThe network responded with an error
BusyThe message could not be delivered as there was not enough memory on the handset or another SMS was being received at the same time.
ExpiredThe message expired before it reached the handset.
Invalid Message Structure The message requires values that aren't available.  These will be the values set in either #fieldname# or <<fieldname>> within the content of the message or the Channel ID to send to. 
Invalid Contact StructureThe contact is not in the expected format
OverrunThe message was not able to send before the campaign end time.  This is typically caused by the rate per minute being too low for the available send window.
 Blocklisted & Profanity The message has been blocked from sending either due to the phone number being on the blocklist of your organisation, or the message containing a word that has been flagged by our profanity filter. 
 Rejected The request was rejected 


This text widget serves as a link to the reconciliation dashboard.
  1. The Messaging Activity table shows the total messages sent or received per channel, organization, and date.

  1. The Active Users shows the total number of users that logged in during the selected date range.


This text widget serves as a link to the Propensities dashboard.
Propensities table shows a summary of all the propensities labels assigned to your customers conversations and the average level of confidence for each label. Here you can find a breakdown of the labels per queue and full propensities data export, also you can filter your data per dates, Organizations, Campaigns and Schedules.
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