Whatsapp Templates

Whatsapp Templates


When you or your bot are engaging in a conversation through WhatsApp channels, you will have to use a message templates to start a new conversation. 
Please note that the validity of a Whatsapp message is 24 hours.
If you want to re-engage in the conversation after 24 hours (from the last message received from the recipient of the conversation) you will have to use again a template again.

Please send us your Message Templates through support@webio.com for having them reviewed by WhatsApp. Once your templates are approved, you can configure them from here and start using in your bot conversations.

As soon as a reply is received (you can't engage again with a non-templated message until your bot receives a reply), you'll be able to continue the conversation as normal, sending and receiving messages without the use of any templates.

If you attempt to send a standard message (not a pre-approved template), this will be refused by WhatsApp. 

Once the template is approved you can use it to configure your Organization Whatsapp Template and start using them to engage conversation on this specific channel.

If you are receiving an error message, check that you are still within the conversation validity period. This is 24 hours from the last customer message. You can check this by looking for the time and date stamp on the last message shown down the left hand side of the conversation pane.  Messages sent from Webio are shown on the right hand side in the conversation panel.

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