The following documentation covers the new UI. If you are looking for information regarding the old one, please visit the following link.

The Users screen gives you control on all the Webio accounts (Users) belonging to your Organization and Sub-Orgs.

From here you can navigate the complete list of Users, from all the Organizations you can access. Also you can:
  1. Create new Users.
  2. Edit settings and permissions of existing Users.
  3. Delete existing Users.
Select an Organization, from the top-right drop-down list, to display the Organization's Users. 

How To Create A New User

To create a new Users, navigate to Settings then click Users. Click 'Add User' then fill in the User details:

  1. Username: This is the Username with the new User can log at once their account has been created.
  2. Name of the User: This is the name you want to assign to the User. 
For Webchat the name displayed when an agent sends a message is the name on the Name field of the account, "Fred" in the example above. This should be set to however Users want the name displayed, typically for webchat a first name or nickname. For Insights purposes the Username can be used to identify the relevant user.
  1. Phone number: If needed, you can populate this field with the real User phone number, or you can also use dummy data in here.
  2. Email: Once a new User is created, an email will be sent to their email address containing their Username information and a link to set up their password.
It is essential to provide the actual Users email address, as new Users will be receiving a notification containing their username and a link to set up their password for their new Webio account.
  1. Organization: Choose from the Organization for which you are creating the new User.
  2. Role: When you create a new User you need to assign their Role. 
The User Role will determine what screen of the web application the User can access. Please note that the list of available User Roles is inherited from the ones available to Organizational you have selected. If you require brand new User Roles, you will have to configure them from the Organizations screen. Click here to learn more. 

How To Edit User Details

From the User screen, select the Organization on the top right corner then click 'Edit' in the 'Actions' column to modify the existing User details.

You can now:

  1. Suspend/Unsuspend the user
  2. Change user's details
  3. Change user's Organizational Unit
  4. Assign a new Role to the User
    1. If you require brand new User Roles, you will have to configure them from the Organizations screen. Click here to learn more. 
  5. Reset user password
Click 'Update User' to confirm the changes.

How To Remove An User

From the User screen, select the desire Organization on the top right corner then click 'Remove' next to the User profile.

Click 'Remove' to confirm the User removal.

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