How To Add An SFTP To Your Organization

How To Add An SFTP To Your Organization


Webio enables SFTP implementation for your organization. SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) is a file transfer protocol that uses SSH encryption to transfer files between systems securely.
Connecting via SFTP allows you to access API services or retrieve reports. You can use Webio SFTP hooks to combine the power of webhook realtime posts and SFTP file transfers to deliver webhook calls as JSON files to your organisation's Webio SFTP folder for retrieval.  

Once you have set up the SFTP this can be used to retrieve or post files to the site. SFTP hooks can only be used for post requests. Post Requests update your internal systems and are triggered when an event you are subscribed to, happens.

This can be a message being sent or received, a payment being made or a delivery report being received. - this is where you save your API key file and retrieve your files from - this is the URL you enter into your organisation screen webhook setup as the URL
To add an SFTP to your Organization you will need to configure first your (1) Webio SFTP and (2) generate your organisation's API key

1) SFTP Configuration

Before starting your SFTP configuration process you will need the SSH key and your IP Address(es) you will be connecting from.  

When an SSH key is generated you will get a public and a private key. 

There are tools widely available for generating SSH keys, if you aren't sure how to generate one, best to ask your technical support staff, it will look something like this:


Comment: "rsa-key-20211129"





To set up an SFTP connection for your Organization:

  1. From the integration panel scroll down to the SFTP section
  2. Click 'Update SFTP'.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          
  3. Enter the SSH key and the IP Address you will be connecting from. You can add multiple IP Addresses by using the '+' button.
  4. Click 'Create SFTP'. 

You should be able to see your username under SFTP Settings now and be able to login into the application using your username and the private key you generated. 

You can now use an SFTP client to transfer and retrieve data from your Webio organization via SFTP. Once updated you will be able to transfer data to the SFTP for us to retrieve and log in and retrieve data from the SFTP.

Our SFTP address is and for Sandbox it's

2) Generate An Api Key

Check Generating your API key ( to learn how to generate an API key.

3) Create A SFTP Webhook

Once your SFTP configuration is done and you have generated the API key:
  1. Save your API key as a text file called apikey.txt and transfer this to your folder.  It may take c. 10 minutes for the key to be processed.  If you need to update your key, place a your new file there and that will replace the old key.
Your webhooks will now post to your folder, as a JSON file, at for you to retrieve.

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